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Blake's Web of Characters WIP Empty Blake's Web of Characters WIP

Post by Blaze Lalonde on Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:01 pm

Blake's Web of Characters WIP BooBoo

Blake Leyric Aviatis
Audio Wave

Alignment: Hero
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Half Greek Half Vietnamese-Human

Place of origin:

Physical Description:
Blake is slim and has long, but thin legs, so he can run fast. He wears his father's fingerless gloves and his mother's necklace almost all the time. He wears a hoodie most of the time, so people can't see his hair. His hair is black with white streaks in the style of a fohawk. His eyes are grayish blue. He wears jean shorts or just jeans most of the time. He also wears a blue watch his parents gave to him. He wears red tennis shoes most of the time, unless he is on a beach or something.

Costume Description:
His costume is made up of a gray shirt with a sound wave on it, blue pants with black stripes on it, white gloves, and red shoes with lightning bolts on it. In the middle of the white glove, there is a communicator if he ever works with anyone. His left eye has a sound wave painted around it. He has a black mask to hide the other side.


Sound powers, because of the white gloves he found.

RP Example:
Blake sat in his room, which was quite small, compared to other rooms in the house. His feet were on the table, and he was listening to music. Mostly modern music. He yawned and stretched. He was tired, and the day had been boring so far. There were no crimes this week. Most of the villains were stored and locked up. The city had been peaceful and quiet...too quiet. He had suspected something, but when he checked, nothing was happening. One time, when that happened, a villain robbed a bank...twice. He had regretted that he hadn't checked more thoroughly ever since.

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