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Reyna's Army of Characters (WIP) Empty Reyna's Army of Characters (WIP)

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Reyna's Army of Characters (WIP) 6s77lg

Real name:
Sarah Elizabeth Taylor
Alias (The name they use on the job and any nicknames they may have gained):
Mystic Menace
Alignment (hero, villain, depends on the situation):
Powerful human
Place of origin:
New York City, USA
Physical Description:
Sarah is quite short for her age, she is only 5 foot 3 inch and she is pretty light. This gives her great agility and flexibility. She has long red hair that was once brown, along with warm brown eyes. She does a lot of gymnastics, so her body is a bit muscular, but not so much. Her hair is normally tied back when she is posing as the Mystic Menace, but as a regular person her hair is let loose or braided, she wears a little make-up and she prefers to wear a pair of skinny jeans and any t-shirt. She has a long wide scar on the left side of her neckline when she was wounded in battle.
Costume Description:
Reyna's Army of Characters (WIP) 344750j
The Mystic Menace usually wears a black catsuit with no sleeves and a "MM" stitched onto it in the front. The "MM" glows red in the moonlight and stays a normal dull red during the day. The catsuit has no sleeves, but Sarah does wear black bike gloves if she needs to. She has a silver belt strapped around her waist with smoke bombs in case she needs to retreat or attack someone. She wears knee high black leather boots, as she finds them rather comfortable. She also wears a black mask to hide her identity, though the red hair should be a dead give-away.



RP Example: (Only needed on the first form.):



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Reyna's Army of Characters (WIP) Empty Re: Reyna's Army of Characters (WIP)

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