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The Making of Characters Empty The Making of Characters

Post by Black Ink on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:17 am

Just a note before you start:

  • Powers, once the character has been approved, can not be changed. No arguments. If you have a reason for a change of powers (e.g. loss of powers, source of powers no longer existing, coming across a new source of power), please PM an admin and it shall be discussed by the administration team.
  • This is NOT A MARVEL OR DC BASED SITE so please do not use anything related. Such as names of powers, materials (i.e. adamantium) or people. If these are seen, staff will tell you to remove them. No replicas from games, movies, animes/mangas or TV shows. You may use their picture, but no copies whatsoever.
  • If a power means a player loses control of their own character, it will not be approved. Mind Control, Possession, Emotion
    Control are not allowed as they take away free will.
  • No powers that take away or block the powers of another.
  • No time control of manipulation powers.
  • No "doomsday" or ultimatum powers.
  • Powers need to be described as well as possible. No vagueness- the staff will pull you up on this. We need to know exactly what the powers do in order to pass judgement on whether or not to approve.
  • Powers need to make some kind of sense to physics.


  • Naming your character is hard enough but please use an original name. Nothing from a comic or movie, etc. Real names of your characters should NEVER reflect the character's powers but the hero or villain name should.
  • Whilst you may have a picture for your character's description, you NEED to write a description of the character and their costume. You need to be detailed. You may be a little vague with the facial features and significant marks but this means a full description of the costume. If you do use a picture, please register it under the face claim thread so others can not use it (this is to avoid argument). Don't use pictures of Marvel or DC
    characters, unless you have a good reason to do so.
  • In order to get your first character approved, use the password "just super". This will signify you read all the rules.
  • The character's personality needs to be developed. This part needs the least amount of description but try to develop it nonetheless. This is where you put the likes, dislikes, fears, etc, of your character. Tip: try to link in aspects of their past with their personality.

The Form
Real name:
Alias: (The name they use on the job and any nicknames they may have gained)
Alignment: (hero, villain, depends on the situation)
Place of origin:
Physical Description:
Costume Description:
RP Example: (Only needed on the first form.)

You may manipulate the way this form looks as long as each field is filled out.

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