darks heros and villans (done)

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darks heros and villans (done) Empty darks heros and villans (done)

Post by dark on Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:56 pm

IReal name: nicholas hither
Alias: the wanderer,the flute bearer
Alignment: Villan
Age: 17
Gender: male
Place of origin:england
Physical discription: he's very pale and he is slender not to muscular he has medium ish jet black hair and brown eyes. dark green
Coustume discription: he has a black hood no shoes a black lenin shirt aand a white vest with a golden colar and baggyish black pants made of lenin
History: nicholas. Was born in london he grew up poor at a younge age he was a natural theif he stole quickly and feircely but when he turned 12 he broke into a mansion and started stealing and while he was leaveing a guard dog was sent to attack him he was tackled by it and it bit into his arm breaking it badly then he grabbed something from the bag and beat the dog away he dragged the stuff home and sold it then by the time he was 16 he was reading all sorts of books most of which he stolehe raised enough money to go on a trip to south america and he immediatly started expoaring then he came upon a cave and in the cave was a pedistalwith a very very VERY old flute on it he grabbed it and studyed it he played anote and it echoed threw the cave the cave walls started to glow then the ce exploaded he found himself on the ground outside te cave with no memory of getting out he set out to find what to do with his life.

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