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Post by Black Ink on Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:06 am

Welcome to Behind The Mask. In order to be a successful member of our community, you will need to abide by the site rules. The rules are as follows:

General Rules

  • You are allowed to change your username here but be warned; any offensive usernames will result in a warning followed by a week long ban from the chat box and PMing if you do not change it when we warn you.
  • Do not double account. If you have forgotten your username or your password has been changed, you may make a temporary account. Admins must be notified of the temporary account's existence.
  • Respect all members. This meaning if you cannot be nice, at least try and be civil. Yes, there is a difference. The site has zero tolerance on bullying of any kind. Anyone found breaking this rule will find themselves IP banned from the site.
  • If a staff member asks you to do something, please do it. This corresponds with the rule above. If you feel a staff member is violating or taking advantage of their status, please contact me.
  • Debates and arguments are healthy but no insulting the other party. This is called flaming. Flaming includes verbally degrading other users and harassment of other users in any manner.
  • Cussing is allowed in the chat box and in posting.
RP Rules

  • When making a character, NO canon or copyrighted material. This site is not a fan site. It is for you to create your own superheroes or villains. Be original!
  • When RPing, please label your threads with the correct rating (e.g PG, PG-13, Mature). Even with this rule, we do not allow characters to have sex within threads or on the chatbox. Take it to PMs if you need to. We have some members who are underage, remember.
  • You can have your characters in more than one place.
  • No god modding or power playing.
  • You may not kill another's character. You may beat them to a near death state but the owner of the character reserves the right to make the decision over whether a character dies or not.
  • No double posting.
  • Please take time with your posts and add as much detail as possible. Check your grammar and spelling to make it easier for your roleplaying partners. There is a sentence minimum of three lines.
Character Rules

  • No rip off characters. Similar characters are allowed but please be original.
  • All members may have five characters. The sixth is gained after six months of dedication to the site.
  • No powers revolving around explosions. No teleportation or portal powers (although these may be discussed with an admin).
  • Any elemental characters must have handicaps with their powers.
  • Angels and demons will only be accepted under certain circumstances. (Basically, only if the character can exist.)
  • Try not to have a superhero character younger than sixteen years of age. If you do, the powers they have must be severely handicapped. Discussion with a moderator or admin open here.
The majority of these rules were taken from various sites owned by myself. If you wish to copy them, please PM me first.

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